Website Optimisation

At this stage we look at the technical aspects of your website to ensure they meet Google and the other search engine's requirements. If there are any problems, we correct them. We make sure the search engines know about all your pages and add eyes and ears to your website in the form of Analytics.

Website Design

Users and search engines have high standards. So should you. To have a chance of topping organic search results, your website must be branded, beautifully designed, fast, user friendly, mobile friendly and responsive. The content must be high quality and original. Believe it or not, Google's systems check these things.

Local SEO

Local SEO involves making sure that your website and business presence are consistent. We ensure that your website is listed in the most important directories and that your Google Business listing is professional.

Keyword Research

At this stage, its important to ask questions such as - how many people are searching for your service? What wording do they use to find services like yours? How can you beat your competition? We ask these questions and produce a keyword research report to help you to select the most effective keywords.

Quality Content

Search engines expect you to make a valuable contribution to the online community. As a result, high quality content has become the backbone of an effective SEO strategy. Quality content must be beautifully designed, professionally written, detailed and shareable.

Building Bridges

Once you have created the content, it needs to be shared via social media and blogs to build links back to your website. Gaining genuine links involves picking up the phone and talking to real people. Writing articles for real people and sharing them takes a team who can handle human interaction. (Sorry geeks.)

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