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The team

Alexander Woodward

lead consultant

Alex leads up the company with the day to day, design of the websites & consulting with our client base. With over 15 years’ experience in different sectors we at ARW can assist you with the latest technology trends.

ARW - Alexander

Max Morby-roy

lead data consultant

Heads up, Max is our lead consultant specialising in integrating CRM systems into e-commerce sites. Additionally, he deals with all things data, from database implementation and integration to business intelligence reporting. His gifts and passion for all things code give him the edge when it comes to custom features and automating every day business tasks.

ARW - Max

Paul Smith

technical Consultant

Paul heads up our server activities, everything from migration of sites, backups for our redundancy systems in place and maintaining all relevant updates to make sure your hosting and web activities are kept safe.

ARW - Paul

Arthur Edelmans

graphic design consultant

Arthur is our graphic design consultant specialising in the creative aspect of having an online presence. With his extensive experience in photography, design and digital art Arthur is able to direct and create a vision of your business online.

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